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About us

About us

We had started in 1986 from workers. In 1989 has been founded a small domestic enterprise «ELEGANTE GIYIM SAN.TIC.LTD.STI». It was oriented to the production of textile fabrics. We had developed our company step by step with improving quality of products and creating our own style. In 2001 we had come with decision to create the «AVINAR» Trade Mark.

During the five years from the moment of Trade Mark creation we have passed a grate way. We have changed from a small domestic enterprise to the big company with different lines of fashionable clothes and worldwide networks of brand shops and dealers. At this time the «AVINAR» Trade Mark has been registered in Turkey, Russia and in 57 countries of Madrid protocol as well.

The difference of this brand compare to other similar brands is intent attention to the quality of products from the phase of choice of fabrics to the phase of products supplying. We are recruiting young talented designers to work on our collections. We do everything to confirm the motto of company – «AVINAR means quality».

 For all achievements which the Trade mark "AVINAR" has reached thank for work, support and cooperation all working collective and clients who promoted promotion of production in the market. With them we shall reach even greater tops in work.

 AVINAR does not follow the fashion. AVINAR creates it! Brand’s popularity grows every year. Any product of AVINAR Trade Mark has the certificate of quality. As an acknowledgement of high quality of our products we have got the Diploma all-Russian public “Fund of forward planning” in a nomination “Trust of the consumer”.

Despite of great experience, AVINAR is the young, dynamically developing company. AVINAR Trade Mark has the following main principles: fair work, the close attitude to clients, an optimum combination of the price and quality of products. Owing to strict observance of these principles AVINAR confidently goes to achievement of its purpose which is transformation of "AVINAR" to the world famous brand of fashionable clothes.

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E-mail: info@avinar.ru
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